Friday, July 21, 2017

"West of Sunset"

my take: Here's the tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald's last years, past the wild days with Zelda. He's hawked himself to the Hollywood movie machine.

Brilliantly told, a historical novel that brings to life glamorous, ruthless Hollywood with stars and directors and dancing and premieres.

Having caught glimpses of Fitzgerald in reading about Hemingway, I wasn't sure how much I would care for the man behind The Great Gatsby. He's portrayed here as a conflicted spouse, a guilt-ridden and proud father, a writer past his days of fame, an alcoholic, a man who needs to make a living to keep his life afloat.

I loved this behind the scenes look at the film industry in the 1930's. And I loved this depiction of this great writer.

my source: On my very tall TO READ stack ... can't even remember how it got there. Just that I love everything Stewart O'Nan. Also read Emily, Alone

my verdict: Great read


  1. ...on my very tall to read stack ... a hear you, somehow I have to stop the madness and read what's there and not acquire any more until it's a short stack. That said, can I borrow West of Sunset?