Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Emily, Alone"

my take: I loved this book. I've been experiencing a lot of loss lately, so the story of an elderly lady living alone might not have been the best choice given my somewhat down mood, but Emily was just what I needed...

Emily's alone in the house where she lived with her husband & children ... now a widow with 2 issue-ridden grown children and a handful of grandchildren. I was taken with how Emily is able to navigate past, present, and future with grace, humility, humor, and reasonable reactions to her own regrets.

The mood is not too depressing - Emily's pluck and opinions make her a survivor and her story charming.

I was very surprised this excellent story told from Emily's perspective is written by a man, and I am definitely interested in reading other works by Stewart O'nan. (Daughter Anne tells me this is a sequel to Wish You Were Here which will go on my to-read list.)

my source: daughter Anne

my verdict: very good. read this!


  1. While talking with my hubby about this he said "it's time you flew home to see your mom.". Flight is booked, my sis from NY is joining me for a long weekend in early December. I found the book charming and depressing, that's an unusual combo. I desire to be a better daughter.

  2. hmmm, i wrote the date as the canadian i am:)