Monday, October 10, 2011

"extremely loud and incredibly close"

my take: i see they are making a movie (starring sandra bullock) of this ... so get it read before you head to the theater (or receive the red envelope).

this book is extremely sad and incredibly funny. and clever. set in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, this is haunting and adventurous. i can imagine the movie will be lush with New York scenes.

i've recently read several "character" books ... where 2 or more voices tell the story. this one is incredibly well-written. i loved the voice of nine year old Oskar. the other voice is of one who can't speak, which makes for interesting reading.

i got lost in this book. and loved where i found these characters.

my source: anne, read her copy; jonathan safran foer will be at the Festival of Faith & Writing in 2012

my verdict: yes! read this. will be in my "best reads" this year. great discussion read.

similar: let the great world spin, a history of love

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  1. Did you read A History of Love now? I read it within a month of this one and was struck by the similarities - and then learned that the authors are married to each other. Both most excellent - and looking forward to hearing him speak!

    Also, forgot about the movie version coming out. With Sandra, seems like it should be great...