Monday, March 21, 2011

"Let the Great World Spin"

my take: This book reads like butta ... smooth and salty. The story is intricately and wondrously crafted.  If you haven't read this yet: stay calm; read slowly; let this great tale unwind before you; pay attention to the spinning references; relish the poetic prose.

As I read, I imagined a video camera moving through the scenes, capturing images from different angles. You can see characters in the background, waiting for a chance to tell their heartbreaking and hopeful story. And a glimpse of the tightrope walker.

My book chicks recommend The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein (children's book) if you'd like to share that part of the story with younger folks. My mother recommends "Man on Wire" - the documentary on Philippe Petit.

my source: My mum recommended for Book Chicks; I read her copy so I can't loan it to you - worth a buy!

recommend: A must read.

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  1. We were considering this for one of my bookclubs - it was on the Indie NextList for bookclubs. They usually have great recommendations, but that's all I knew about it. Will leave it on my list of suggestions for next time!

    Also I'll have to remember your recommendation to read slowly. Not so good at that.