Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"The Vacationers"

my take: Dysfunctional family goes to Mallorca. Food, pool, sun, beach, Spanish men and scenery. Definitely a great escape novel and also an insightful look into each of the characters lives and motivations ... high school graduate who can't wait to leave her parents, late twenty-something whose life is going no where, about to be empty-nesters in a relationship crisis, a gay couple trying to adopt ... lots of emotional issues to solve on the beautiful island.

It's one of those great fun, female, fiction reads with substance. Love.

my source: Saw on Instagram feed many months ago .. finally got it in paperback. Worth the wait!

my verdict: Great vacation read - or in January when you need an escape from winter

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  1. Excellent... bringing this one along on this weekend's little vacation!