Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top Picks January - June 2015

Inspired by other blogger posts - here are the cream of the crop from the 35 books I've read so far this year.

Fiction - Historic

Euphoria set in the 1930's New Guinea; All the Light We Cannot See set in World War II France and Germany (inspired us to visit St. Malo, France).

Fiction - Contemporary

The Girl on the Train is a page-turner psychological thriller; Florence Gordon about an aging feminist; Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands a post nuclear meltdown coming of age story; Station Eleven a post apocalyptic intriguing read.

In the Fun Female Fiction category: What Alice Forgot is a fairly light read and thought provoking. Seeing really only one such book on my list makes me determined to find a couple more good ones for the second half of the year. Liane's Big Little Lies was another good FFF read.

Two stand out non-fiction: Orange is the New Black knocked my socks off - I guess because I wasn't expecting it to - and is Piper's memoir of being inside the US prison system. Just Mercy gets at the prison question from an attorney/activist point of view and reveals more of the underside of this justice system in the US.


  1. So happy to see Just Mercy on your list! It was one of the top 2 books I read last year - it's so very good and important.

  2. So pleased to see Florence Gordon made the list! Been listing that, All the Light, and Euphoria as what to read when anyone asks me lately. And I'm looking forward to Station 11 with how much you've been talking about it...

  3. Good news book worms, The Girl On The Train Audiobook is now available on AudioBooksNow.