Friday, August 29, 2014

"The Daughters of Mars"

my take: I learned about this from a friend (former soccer moms together) who reads this blog ... I bought on her recommendation and was surprised that I'd be wading through World War I for the second time this summer ... and my fourth (fifth?!) read between the two World Wars.

This is from an Australian perspective ... two sisters sign on as nurses and travel to the Mediterranean and France. Their experiences are harrowing and that's nothing compared to what those on the front lines went through ... gas, trenches, disease and the like. One sister ends up in an old estate in France that gets converted to a hospital for the Aussies and it's a little like the scenes in Downton Abbey during the war. Romances left and right what with nurses, doctors, and soldiers ...

The language at first seemed stilted ... a very different style than what I am used to ... and then I got over it and after the half way point was captivated by the story. I did not see the ending coming and when I see the friend who recommended this to me, I may throttle her ... just because, well, you'll see.

I'm ready for a break from WAR and as ever amazed by the depth of the literary treasure trove those wars provided. 

my source: Cindy! Watch out!

my verdict: worth a read


  1. Haven't heard of it - thanks for the review

  2. Yet another WWI perspective - can't say I've experienced an Australian one yet. Just did WWI France myself, so I think I need a little time before another war one too...