Monday, June 30, 2014

"Me Before You"

my take: This is in that beautiful intersection of easy reading and social issues....Pretty Woman meets Dr. Kevorkian. Not high literature by any stretch, but a well-told story, and one that would probably make a good movie. (There is a short delay as I google "me before you movie" and yes, it's in the works. This is a fun dream team cast list.)

I finished on a plane and was in a puddle; Daughter describes it as an "in their shoes" kind of read, which is a little ironic, as the main character is paralyzed.  Great beach-type/vacation read or when you need an escape to England and castles.

my source: various lists (Amazon, Oprah)

my verdict: well worth a read


  1. Sounds great! Will add to list.

  2. Always nice to find a good new beach/travel read type author. Now we have several others lined up to try!