Friday, September 20, 2013


my take: I was a little skeptical when I was at the Bookman (Grand Haven) asking for this title ... it was in the "business" section. Hmmm. As an art and English major ... business not a super big interest. But, oh, well! This was part of a virtual book club I've decided to try.

I cracked it open en route to Sante Fe ... and was hooked right away. It was tough being on a very active vacation and wanting to read (tough to be me, eh?). So, yes, the ideas in the book can be thought of a business principles, AND they can be used to kick start anything you want to achieve in your life ... be a better parent, spouse, friend, volunteer ... anything. AND if you're eager to start some new venture ... a sport, a career, a hobby, a business ... you'll find great tools and advice.

I got really excited about possibilities in life ... so my OWD (one word description) is: INSPIRING. As I was on vacation, I didn't do all of the activities/actions (in the back section of the book), but I plan to do them on a re-read.

The only potentially annoying thing about the writing is the author's interjecting himself with his version of self-depricating and funny ... like him or not, I think you'll get something out of this read. I double dog dare you not to.

my source: blogger book club pick

my verdict: well worth a read - recommending left and right

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  1. Intrigued! And recommending this as my book club's next non-fiction because the option they picked for this month... not a fan. We need a good one!