Friday, May 31, 2013

"The Burgess Boys"

my take: I love everything Elizabeth Strout has written. I pre-ordered this on Amazon and just bided my time. Worth the wait!

At the core, the story is about blame and how the narrative one tells oneself can shape a life....and how with new information people can change. The settings of Maine and NYC play well off each other in a manner similar to how the Burgess brothers do.

Ms. Strout has the keen powers of observation of Jane Austen with a slightly quirky tilt toward Anne Tyler. In other words, excellent characters. The conflict in the small Maine town would make an interesting discussion.

my source: prior reading experience ... and I heard/saw Elizabeth at the Festival of Faith and Writing. I was pretty close to the front row.

my verdict: worth a read

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  1. Was looking for the Dog Stars title, saw this title and your recommendation -- checking it out today....thanks Lee.