Friday, April 5, 2013


my take: oh, man. this is really good.

this is one of those books you want everybody to read. it's a joyous experience.

the story is masterfully told from multiple points of view (POV)... if you read this blog regularly you know i'm not always a fan. take a walk in auggie's shoes, his big sister's, his new friends' ... you'll enjoy each one.

it's books like these that leave a mark on your heart, make you look into your own heart, and help you to be a better human.

buy this, pass it around, read it aloud to your children. this is the best of young adult lit.

my source: friend kathy, who knows how to be more kind than is necessary

my verdict: excellent. 2 or 3 hankies.

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  1. I agree that this is a top pick -- recommended it at my school when I got back from spring break. Loved it.