Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"the age of miracles"

my take: i loved this. it sounds lame to say it's 'novel' but it's true. really. something different. a great new imaginative author. and very well-written.

the book is kind of sci-fi but more futuristic maybe even leaning toward magical realism ... told from 11 year-old perspective, so it felt a little like a young adult book. the main character is navigating middle school - which she calls the age of miracles - during a time when the earth is navigating it's own growing pains.

happily, hubby read it just before i did and we were able to chat about it on the drive home from spring break (i finished while he was driving - thanks, hunny!). it's a book that begs discussing. he agreed that it's a fascinating concept.

my source: read daughter anne's copy ... had seen on several lists and knew i wanted to get my hands on it

my verdict: great. fast read.

UPDATE: my 17 year old son read this in two days - which means not only is it a fast read, it's great.

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