Monday, September 10, 2012

"death comes to pemberley"

my take: I recently came across a blog that was subtitled "because life's too short to read bad books." and I guess that's why people read book blogs - attempting to avoid spending time on books that aren't great. (all good in theory...great being a relative, subjective type deal.)

I gave Pemberley to daughter Anne in her Christmas stocking not because I'd read lots of reviews but because we love all things Mr. Darcy and Lizzie. and isn't P.D. supposed to be a great mystery writer?

well, maybe she is and maybe she isn't ... Pemberley was a very sad and sorry read for Anne & me. rats! P.D. wrote this as an ode to P&P because she's always loved it ... but really, she murdered our most beloved characters. the conversations were stilted, the mystery a bit lame, and nary a pithy insight into human folly.

I've been advised that other P.D. James mysteries are worth a try. 'Twill be while before I attempt one.

my source: my own good intentions

my verdict: look elsewhere for continuation of P&P characters


  1. do try one of her other mysteries. I did not like Pemberly either but I have enjoyed some of her other mysteries (ones with her own characters and set in present day).

  2. I do love mysteries... so it was a bit disappointing that even that part wasn't done all that well in this book. Still willing to give PD James another shot though - got to look for some recommendations at which books have her at her best!

  3. Anonymous6.11.12

    I agree with you - I was also disappointed with this book. I have read loads of P.D. James crime novels (and obviously liked them since I've read loads), but this was not at all good.