Thursday, August 16, 2012

"state of wonder"

my take: a few years ago when bel canto was all the rage, i refused to read it. sometimes i push back against the book everybody's reading. and i still hadn't read any ann patchett until this was suggested to me if ann patchett's other books are as good as this, i've missed out and have lots of good reads coming.

this page turner has it all: well-developed characters, social issues, adventure, exotic location, a missing scientist ... so much to get lost in. i loved it.

this would be an excellent book club selection as it's chock-a-block full of issues and an ambiguous ending.

my source: thanks to Bea VanWinkle for suggesting!

my verdict: excellent.


  1. I have the rest of Ann Patchett's books on my list now too... Great plot AND lots to talk about = perfect for book club.

  2. I have my kindle now loaded with a ton of top picks from you -- ready for the beach and New York!