Saturday, July 21, 2012

"the art of racing in the rain"

my take: oooooh. i loved this. hubby read it a while back and since my to-read pile is enormous, i didn't  add it, merely shelved it in our (now overflowing) library.

pastor heidi quoted from it a few weeks back in her sermon ... "the car goes where the eyes go" (hear her message here) ... and that was enough to make me dig around the book piles.

because the picture on the front is a dog, i originally thought it was the dog who did the racing. not so. the dog does the narrating. and he's great.

my sister and i rate works by how many of these a book or movie fulfills: i laughed; i cried; i came away a better person. whammo blammo this book does it all. i'm not a racing enthusiast and i gleaned much from the racing philosophy. i do love dogs, and now even more.

my source: pastor heidi, with nods to michelle in south africa (miss you, girl) and hubby.

my verdict: yes! read this!

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  1. Sorry Book Chick fans, I snagged this one after she finished (teary-eyed) on the beach last week... Next on my to-read pile!