Friday, December 9, 2011


my take: we read this for our "young adult" pick for book chicks, but i'm pretty sure it's not a young adult read. it's a graphic memoir - illustrated in a comic book style, interspersed with sparse narration and bubble dialog.

the illustrations show the 1950's Detroit in a sci-fi, futuristic way... the people without eyes (see cover) add to this feel. david small's remembrances of his highly dysfunctional family are haunting. you get to feel what all this technology and cold family felt like for the six-year old. this is a dark tale, "told" with amazing art work.

i "read" it through quickly - under an hour maybe - and then went back and looked through it again at a more leisurely pace to really focus on the drawings.

my source: book chicks. on the shelf and available for loan.

my take: very well done. worth a look.

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  1. Yes, it's a dark one but I still felt some hope as he's somehow managed to overcome his horrible upbringing.