Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"okay for now"

my take: i loved this! a minor character from the wednesday wars tells his for me, a familiar yet fresh voice. doug reminds me that we all have a creative life-force in us ... and how caring neighbors and even librarians can help us discover our passion. i cheered, cringed, and cried for doug.

i actually liked this better than the wednesday wars, as did hubby and daughter. if wednesday was great, okay is excellent. read both, but read wednesday first. then let me know what you think.

my source: sister jennifer loaned me librarian susan's library copy. wish i had a one to loan.

my verdict: great read. feel good, too. 


  1. I read Wednesday Wars second... and you're right that it isn't quite Okay for Now - though they're fairly similar stories of a middle school boy with not-so-great family life who gets guidance/purpose from an unexpected place (English teacher & Shakespeare and librarian & Audobon/drawing). I liked Doug's voice better in Okay for Now, perhaps better developed?

  2. I agree -- I liked this even more than Wednesday....(and I really liked Wednesday Wars.) However, cousin Ken disagreed. He thought it was too much like Wednesday Wars.