Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"the lacuna"

my take: i heard several reviews on NPR ... none of them positive. hubby included this in the 12 days of Christmas pile, so i kind of had to read it even though i was leery. it was a pleasant surprise to very much enjoy the lacuna.

that said, it took me a long time to read - it's got lots of pages and it was slow going. only a minus for someone who needs to read lots of books to, say, review on a blog. be warned, but don't be dissuaded from reading this.

as a fan of most things art history, i grooved on the plot including diego rivera & frida kahlo. it was great to get some mexican & russian political history in, as well. the book covers a vast scope of history, and i think barbara maybe over-reached there. but very well-written.

my source: 12 books for 12 days

my verdict: historical/political fiction almost at its best. worth a read, may take a while.

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  1. Same for me - this showed up in my stocking from Peter, and I wasn't super excited about it because of the reviews but ended up liking it quite a bit. It was an interesting way to interact with the historical characters and situations...

    And if people enjoy the format (journal entries), the historical scope, and artsy name dropping of this one, they might enjoy what I'd say is the British counterpart: Any Human Heart by William Boyd.