Thursday, June 9, 2011

"the sweetness at the bottom of the pie"

my take: i like "light mysteries" ... a mild who-done-it with a bit of humor. i enjoyed the young female detective ... hubby thought she was annoying ... i thought her chemistry knowledge was more than her 11 years could know, but hey! it's fiction. the setting is England post World War II ... we had read the enormous Winston Churchill biography for book chicks, so i was feeling very English history savvy and therefore read with a bit of smugness, always a plus.

my source: daughter anne suggested and reports this is the first in a series, if you're into that sort of thing ... have a copy of the shelf for loan

my recommend: those of you who like No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency ... also try The Coroner's Lunch

my rating: a fun read, clever

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  1. I listened to this on a car trip to toronto with my teenage daughter. We both enjoyed it immensely.