Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"major pettigrew's last stand"

my take: a delightful love story ... i fell in love with the Major myself. but then, i love most things British. the Major loves things just right - he's from a proper English family, with a proper past, knows his proper place in the village. his proper world comes undone as he sees the humanity in the "improper" people around him.     i laughed, i cried, i came away a better person.

my source: Christmas gift from my mum

recommend: beach read, great pass around read

rating: really good feel good


  1. I love this, Lee! I'm a book chick, too, and have much the same taste in books. Do you have a book group, discussing monthly, etc.? If you're interested, I have one. It meets in GR monthly (we're neighbors - not sure if you noticed). We'd love to have another book chick join us!

    Do let me know how the Italian Beef turns out for you!


  2. Ooh, love a good beach read. I'll have to borrow this one for when we're sitting on our other favorite beach...