Sunday, February 13, 2011

"the blessings of the animals"

my take: first off, i read this in costa rica, so understand that in the happiest place on earth, everything is wonderful. secondly, i was reading Barbara Brown Taylor's An Altar in the World concurrently, so my immediate frame of reference was the spirituality of earthly things, which made the book a certain kind of meaningful that i wouldn't have picked up on during beach reading. the writing is easy and casual, by a midwest girl with midwestern sensibilities. there's lots about marriage, animal welfare, and blessings. and worth a read.

my source: 12 books for 12 days (recommended by Anne)

recommend: animal lovers, beach read

rating: great feel good read

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  1. Glad you liked. My bookclub picked it because we have a lot of animal lovers (a couple work with animal rescue shelters), but I have to say it was a fairly short discussion. I considered it mostly a pleasure read (and enjoyed it), but it's interesting to hear what you got out of it additionally...